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Demolition of collapsed garage in Lower Manhattan delayed by fears of secondary collapses

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The age of average

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13 Staircases Blanketed with Prismatic Murals Evocative of Andean Textiles Run Through Lima’s Hills

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Where Are The Robotic Bricklayers?

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From Richness to Ruin: 7 Abandoned Opera Houses

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See the secret buildings that make cities run

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The ecological impact of fences

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Backstage at the Paris Opera House in 1937

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Anomalous Architecture

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The Story Behind Paris’ Iconic Art Nouveau Metro Entrances

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Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

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30 Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

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Modernist ruin is an 'albatross around our neck' says church

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Why Roman concrete still stands strong while modern version decays

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Somebody Peeled 30 Years Of Graffiti, And This Is What Was Underneath

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Lose Yourself in 12 of the Most Extraordinary Labyrinths Ever Built

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Birdhouses: Miniature mansions of Istanbul

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Legible Cities: Fitting Outstanding Architecture into Everyday Contexts

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Steampunk Submarine-Themed Pub In Romania

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Man 3-D Prints A Concrete Castle In His Backyard

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A Man Renovating His Home Discovered A Tunnel... To A Massive Underground City

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The house that time forgot: Red brick semi is frozen in the 1920s with original decoration, food and furniture untouched for 90 YEARS

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New York City Plans to Fix Its Crumbling Harbors Using 3D-Printed Concrete

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Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill

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The African Village Where Every House Is a Work of Art

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Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokio (20 pics)

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