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The word “condom”

For a long time, the word "condom" was unprintable. Neither the original OED nor The Century Dictionary featured the word. Several venues for discovering the origin of "condom" have been tried. It surfaced in texts at the beginning of the eighteenth century, but we cannot be sure that the word was coined in England.

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Le correcteur orthographique de Chrome et Edge fait fuiter vos mots de passe

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CDC Admits Post-Jab Myocarditis “Misinformation” Is Actually True

Once again, the problem isn't relative risk, but how we were lied to, and hunted down for trying to speak the truth.

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Over 280,000 WordPress sites may have been hijacked by zero-day hiding in popular plugin

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Craftspeople be like, "This is a simple 12-step mechanical repair job, only takes about three hours and common tools you can find in any specialty shop. Anyone can do it."

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Survival of the Richest

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Arrests of protesters prompt free-speech concerns

Campaigners criticise police action at events to mark King Charles III's ascension to the throne.

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We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business

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Here's Why Craigslist Still Looks the Same After 25+ Years

Craig Newmark's explanation of the site’s evolution (or lack thereof) is surprisingly simple. (via Slashdot) Note the remark that to an engineer, functional is beautiful.

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Extreme California heat knocks key Twitter data center offline

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Two thoughts on the old queen

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Facebook Engineers: We Have No Idea Where We Keep All Your Personal Data

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En Europe, les feux de forêt de cet été ont causé des émissions record de CO2

Les incendies qui ont frappé l’Europe ont provoqué les émissions de carbone les plus élevées depuis 2007, d’après les données du service Copernicus pour la surveillance de l’atmosphère.

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New Site

How not to build a site; or How I intended to build a simple one-page site and accidentally a static site with blogging and a gallery.

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The Black Knight of the Round Table (And more medieval images of diversity)

The medieval world was a much more diverse place than it is often given credit for. Some of the best evidence of this is in the illustrations and imagery from the period.

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Anthony Fauci Should Have Resigned a Long Time Ago

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Californians Told Not to Charge Electric Cars Days After Gas Car Sales Ban

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Eriko Tamura: Oz

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New direction for this linklog

It might not be obvious from the recent flurry of activity, but I have new plans for this page. For one thing, I've installed Shaarli again (click through to see) for use as a buffer from now on. Makes adding links so much easier. Second, no more trying to balance links between the linklog and static directory pages. Clinklog is made to manage timestamped links, so I'm going to try and migrate all of them this way. To keep things under control, the idea is to be more aggressive about cleaning up. Hope you'll find this more useful going forward, assuming of course it works out at all. Cheers.

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Volkswriter Deluxe: The Most Popular Word Processor for the IBM Personal Computer (according to the ad)

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From barristers to refuse collectors, Britons strike en masse

Workers are livid that employers are refusing to pay more against the backdrop of wage-crushing inflation.

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Pakistan declares national emergency as flood toll nears 1,000

At least 937 people have died and 30 million are without shelter as Pakistan struggles to cope with devastating floods.

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Folk Interfaces

People reappropriating existing software to solve their own unique problems

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Ransomware Actor Abuses Genshin Impact Anti-Cheat Driver to Kill Antivirus

In plain English: more security always ends up being less security, as people with bad intentions inevitably abuse complicated, obscure systems.

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Animal Man Par Grant Morrison

French language coverage of how a relatively obscure superhero was revitalized by a grand master of the comic book medium.

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