January 2024

Google Update Reveals AI Will Read All Your Private Messages

#big tech #privacy #disaster

Companies Once Focused On Mining Cryptocurrency Pivot To Generative AI

Is it clear yet that this is just the latest grift of increasingly desperate swindlers?

#generative ai #ethics

Stunned devs left scrambling for livelihoods in wake of yesterday's layoff bloodbath: 'In the end the contributions didn't matter'

Devs have found themselves adrift in the aftermath of swingeing layoffs across Activision-Blizzard and Xbox.

#games #work

Massive leak exposes 26 billion records in mother of all breaches

It includes data from Twitter, Dropbox, and LinkedIn

#internet #security

Are Game Blogs Uniquely Lost?

#games #web

video games are so washed dude

Late-stage capitalism is eating videogames too, apparently.

#games #business

Tens of thousands protest in Germany against the far-right

Public outcry followed revelations that the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party had discussed plans to mass deport immigrants.

#germany #politics

Greece’s government set to legalise same-sex marriage with the backing of the opposition

A plan to legalise same-sex civil marriage and adoption pushed by the centre-right Greek government is set to be approved by Parliament thanks to the backing of the left-wing opposition, despite backlash from the Orthodox Church.

#europe #sexuality #law

Inside the minds of the Judge Dredd writers putting him (and Mega-City One) inside a 'Defund the Police' style storyline

#comics #society

Russia’s fabled war ally ‘General Frost’ turns on Moscow

A favorite Russian military myth is that winter is always on their side but thousands are freezing at home.

#war #climate

How To Be Smart

Long but good write-up about what happened when modern society started to treat the superficial aesthetics of science like a fetish and use it to force decisions on people.

#science #society

Age Verification is Incompatible with the Internet

#internet #law

Exploring the towns of Monkey Island

Towns and settlements have long been key to the Monkey Island series’ storytelling. Series artists and designers help me find out more.

#games #architecture