May 2023

Modern software quality, or why I think using language models for programming is a bad idea

#generative ai #programming

National Identity, Regional Identity, and Actual Identity

On how you can feel like a foreigner in your own country

#culture #politics

Puritanism took over online fandom — and then came for the rest of the internet

#internet #sexuality #culture

Write What You Want to Know: Building Cultures of Curiosity in Lit

#books #politics #social media

On cats

#middle ages #animals

Early Computer Art In The 50’s & 60’s

Fascinating, and highly relevant these days as it happens.

#computers #art

The IP Era’s Venture Capital Philosophy Has Poisoned Movies

#movies #business

Building the Micro Mirror Free Software CDN

#cool #internet #computers

New Cars Really Are Just for Rich People Now

Even people with good jobs can't afford to buy new anymore.

#cars #finance

Stop Using Hamburger Menus

#web #design

To grow an open source project, give up control

#programming #ethics

May the financial fracasos be with us

Financial news can easily feel gamified, a matter of stats without deeper context, but some recent bank crashes and market trends are worth noting, for what they reveal about our precarious world.

#finance #disaster

Sailing boat rescued by the Götheborg

Imagine losing your rudder out at sea and sending out a distress call. And then the largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship in the world comes to your rescue. Or in the words of the sailors on the sailing boat: "This moment was very strange, and we wondered if we were dreaming. Where were we? What time period was it?"

This all happened off the coast of France last week. To our knowledge it is the first time that an east indiaman, and the first time for Götheborg, to engage in such a rescue. Now we also have the images and story from the sailing vessel that was rescued.

#cool #ships

Pornhub Blocks All of Utah From Its Site

People in Utah who visit Pornhub will now be greeted by adult performer Cherie DeVille asking them to tell their representatives to change their age verification law.

#internet #sexuality #law