Items for February 2023

Dear President Carter

Tags: america, politics

The Swiss People Vote Over The Ban on Cashless Society

Tags: finance, politics

Millions of DNA tests leaked after hackers breach company's 'forgotten' database

Tags: computers, security

The truth about furries: Everything you wanted to know about the furry fandom, from LGBTQ+ furries

There’s a significant LGBTQ+ presence in the furry community – and for many, it was the furry fandom that helped them understand their queer identity.

Tags: fandom, sexuality

The Rot Economy

Tags: big tech, economics

Hasbro Slapped By Bank Of America For ‘Destroying Customer Goodwill’

That's funny, "killing the golden goose" is exactly how I described the situation back in January.

Tags: games, finance

Hogwarts Legacy faces renewed criticism for inclusion of antisemitic tropes

Tags: games, racism

Meet Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog

Now 30 years old, the Portuguese canine has broken two world records—though he nearly didn’t survive infancy

Tags: cool, animals

Doctors, please listen

Tags: health, attitudes

Until, Till, 'Til, or 'Till?

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Tags: internet, language

Let Teenagers Sleep

Despite years of evidence that starting school later promotes better health and improved grades, too few schools have adopted this measure

Tags: youth, education, health

Finland passes new, progressive trans rights laws on gender recognition

Tags: europe, gender, law

Modern Health, frameworks, performance, and harm

Tags: health, programming, ethics