Items for January 2023

We need reasons to bring justice, but to abuse other people, that's our divine right, isn't it.

Tags: society, updates

The 10 Most Iconic Art Styles In Anime/Manga

In the world of anime and manga series, these art styles remain the most iconic and recognizable to fans of all genres.

Tags: comics, art

Why Elon Musk and the billionaire space bros want to put people in space cages forever

Space colonization is not at all about gadgets and rockets and planets

Tags: space, politics

"Metaverses will be the digital equivalent of huge empty cities without character or community"

Tags: big tech, social media, ethics

I Could Have Done That

Observations working at a museum

Tags: art, attitudes

WotC: D&D Fanbase Not Sufficiently Alienated To Generate Profit

A satire of specific events, but which applies just as well to much of the business landscape in recent years.

Tags: games, ethics, humor

Apache® Appropriation

It is not uncommon to learn about non-Indigenous entities appropriating Indigenous culture but none of them are as large, prestigious, nor well-known as The Apache® Software Foundation is in software circles.

Tags: tech, representation

Opinion: The awkward truth about the new ‘Avatar’ is far bigger than its bottom line

A poignant critique of the racism and imperialism on display in the highly-grossing franchise, that echoes my own thoughts from ten years ago.

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