Items for December 2021

Experts pull documents, money from Lee statue time capsule

Tags: america, history

Research: Wreck of last US slave ship mostly intact on coast

Tags: america, history

The Future Is Not Only Useless, It’s Expensive

This is how NFTs make me feel: like the future is useless but expensive, and world-altering technology is now in the hands of a culture so aesthetically and spiritually impoverished that it should maybe go back to telling stories around the cooking fire for a while, just to remember how to mean something.

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Newfound type of storm is a 1,000-km-wide puddle in the sky

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The Great Offline

The concept of “offline” is built on the earlier concept of “wilderness,” inheriting its flaws and hazards

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All EU nations must recognise children of same-sex parents, court rules in ‘huge step for LGBT+ families’

Tags: europe, sexuality, law

A look at the Irish: photography in Ireland from 1839 to now – in pictures

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Funding isn't the problem with open source

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Finland: Architect’s ephemeral lake art a winter tradition

Tags: nature, art

Museum Showcases Queer Relationships in the Animal Kingdom

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No Easter Eggs In Curl

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The Time Traveler Who Hunted Speed Records in an EV

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Big Wind Is The Meanest Firefighting Tank You Ever Saw

Cue people in the comments pointing out that 1) the machine was hardly unique, and 2) conventional firefighting methods were often just as effective. As if that could diminish the sheer awesomeness of this thing. It even inspired a Romanian action movie back in the day.

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