Items for September 2021

Singapore is testing autonomous robots to catch smokers and other “undesirable social behaviors”

Tags: law, robots

Do Americans Know What a Massive Ripoff American Life Really Is?

Tags: america, economics

Iceland elects first female majority parliament

Tags: gender, politics

Brexit is Destroying Britain — And Britain Still Can’t Face It

Tags: uk, economics

Big problems at the timezone database

Tags: computers, politics

Facebook Is Censoring People For Mentioning Open-Source Social Network Mastodon

Tags: big tech, social media, ethics

Privacy Myth 1 - We Are Not Collecting Personal Data

Tags: programming, privacy

Nine Years Ago, I Speculated that Dewey’s Days Were Numbered. How Far Have We Come?

Tags: books, politics

Over A Year After the OTW/AO3’s Statement of Solidarity: Where Are We With That Anti Racism?

Tags: fandom, racism

Europe’s oldest map shows tiny Bronze Age kingdom

Tags: europe, antiquity, maps

It occurs to me that the General Public License is basically the United States Constitution of software development: a pioneering document that opened the floodgates, but is now out of touch and no longer suitable for the modern world.

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