Items for June 2021

Why I recommend CGI instead of web frameworks

Tags: web, programming

(awesome Tumblr rant about Americans on the internet)

Tags: america, internet, attitudes

Explore this Fascinating Map of Medieval Europe

Tags: europe, middle ages, maps

The whitewashing of Rome

White supremacists fetishise ancient Rome – but antiquity was more diverse and polychromatic than racists will admit

Tags: antiquity, racism

Licenses Alone Do Not Govern Behavior in Open Source

Tags: software, society, law

Why Is German Internet So Bad: True Answer

Tags: germany, tech, politics

Internet Reacts to Batman Oral Sex Ban

Tags: comics, sexuality

Irish police to be given powers over passwords

Tags: computers, law

The history of horror is gay

Tags: sexuality, culture

From Richness to Ruin: 7 Abandoned Opera Houses

Tags: architecture, photos

Old-school computing: when your lab PC is ancient

Tags: vintage, computers, science