Items for April 2021

The “Deviant” African Genders That Colonialism Condemned

European travellers and anthropologists found that their gendered worldview didn’t easily map onto the societies they encountered.

Tags: africa, gender, history

Designers gone wild: most bizarre functioning computers

Tags: computers, design

Just How Many Surfaces Does Your Cat’s Butt Touch? A Sixth Grader’s Science Fair Project Has The Answer

Tags: youth, animals, science

You don’t have a male or female brain – the more brains scientists study, the weaker the evidence for sex differences

Tags: gender, science

The Ratings Game, Part 1: A Likely and an Unlikely Suspect

Tags: games, law

The Return of the Automat

Tags: food, tech, culture

Maslow Got It Wrong

Read: he deliberately misrepresented Native American teachings to make individualism seem like a good thing rather than the destructive force it is.

Tags: society, science

Better air is the easiest way not to die

Tags: environment, health