Items for June 2020

14 Myths About Crime We Believe (Thanks To Pop Culture)

Tags: media, culture, law

Half of US broadcast network dramas are about cops

Tags: law, media

The 10 Awful Truths about Book Publishing

Tags: books, publishing

Romania passes law banning gender identity studies despite protests

Tags: romania, gender, law

On Finding Out Your Heroes are Monsters (Or: Detoxifying A Culture)

Tags: comics, fandom, attitudes

Why Are We So Quick To Scrutinise How Low-Income Families Spend Their Money?

Tags: economics, science

‘Under water or under a knee, we can’t breathe’

Tags: america, racism

The Cishet Hero Complex: Do You Want a Medal for That, Becky?

Tags: books, sexuality, culture

Urban foxes 'more like domesticated dogs'

Tags: animals, cities

Scientists Discover 33 Creatures Trapped In A Poisonous Cave That's Been Sealed Off For Million Of Years

Tags: cool, romania, nature