Items for July 2019

Advertising is a cancer on society

Tags: media, society

Earliest fragment from German vagina poem found in abbey library

Tags: middle ages, sexuality, books

Erotic Poem From The Middle Ages

Tags: middle ages, sexuality, books

Houston’s Highway Mega-Plan: An Environmental Justice Disaster

Tags: cars, environment, disaster

Amputee can feel objects again with prosthetic arm inspired by Luke Skywalker

Tags: health, tech

Teenager can walk again thanks to Dutch 3D printed spinal implant

Tags: health, tech

Fitbits, other wearables may not accurately track heart rates in people of color

Tags: health, tech, racism

Locked Out

Airbnb promises anyone can “live like a local” while driving out the people who actually live there, and making the usual suspects rich.

Tags: cities, business, comics

Project Wonderful's sussessor?

Tags: web, comics, business

Chief Gates Comes to Oakhurst: A Cop Drama

Tags: america, games, law

Failing to Plan: How Ayn Rand Destroyed Sears

Tags: business, politics

Software woven into wire: Core rope and the Apollo Guidance Computer

Tags: vintage, space, computers

They were saying no one would ride it': 10 years on, Burrard bike lane is N. America's busiest, officials say

Tags: america, bikes

Google employees are eavesdropping, even in Flemish living rooms, VRT NWS has discovered

Tags: big tech, privacy

Thaddeus Kosciusko: The Polish Engineer You Never Heard of who Saved America

Tags: america, engineering, history

The Slow Death of Hollywood

Tags: movies, business

Film photography shows signs of revival among Japan's youth

Tags: japan, youth, photos

The Mystery of Florida's Cannonball-Eating Spanish Fort

Tags: america, engineering, history

Growing number of car-sharing users don’t rent cars for driving

Tags: japan, cars, culture