Items for April 2019

An Entire Methodist Confirmation Class Rejects the Church Over Anti-Gay Policies

Tags: religion, sexuality

Mastodon looking for moderators speaking Tamil, Bengali: Founder

Tags: social media, language

Scotland declares ‘climate emergency’ following school strikes

Tags: youth, climate, politics

Why Won’t Twitter Treat White Supremacy Like ISIS? Because It Would Mean Banning Some Republican Politicians Too.

Tags: social media, free speech

From Africa rising to, How did we get here?

A sad case of internalized racism.

Tags: africa, racism

The Tragedy of the Tragedy of the Commons

The man who wrote one of environmentalism’s most-cited essays was a racist, eugenicist, nativist and Islamaphobe—plus his argument was wrong

Tags: economics, politics

Poll: Church membership in US plummets over past 20 years

Tags: america, religion

Vendors must start adding physical on/off switches to devices that can spy on us

Tags: business, tech, privacy

Technology can't prevent hard border in Ireland if Brexit means customs controls, firms told

Tags: uk, tech, politics

Shazam and Sekiro: Gatekeepers Die Twice

Tags: movies, games, fandom

Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Tags: architecture, disaster

Scary legalese and the content clause: Don’t be afraid of the license grant!

Tags: internet, law

Nothing Fails Like Success

Tags: internet, business, ethics

Pollution - Les voitures font exploser le nombre de cas d'asthme chez les enfants

Tags: cars, youth, health, disaster

Is Anyone Listening to You on Alexa? A Global Team Reviews Audio

Tags: big tech, privacy

The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics

Tags: space, science, tech

The Next CSS Frontier — Classless

Tags: web, design

The Poor Quality of American Houses

Tags: america, housing, disaster

Home Taping Is Killing Music: When the Music Industry Waged War on the Cassette Tape in the 1980s, and Punk Bands Fought Back

Tags: music, law, business

Does Google meet its users’ expectations around consumer privacy? This news industry research says no

Tags: big tech, privacy

Astrobiologist Tries Cooking In Antarctica At -94ºF (-70ºC), And The Result Will Crack You Up

Tags: food, science, humor

Wild boars make a home in urban Hong Kong’s high rises and highways

Tags: cities, animals