Items for July 2013

Decades of books have vanished because of US copyright protections

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Bob Mazzer On The Tube

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10 ways the UK is ill-prepared for a heatwave

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'The Cuckoo's Calling' Reveals A Lot About Publishing

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The Increasingly Bad State of Disneyland Paris: A Neverending Story

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The house that time forgot: Red brick semi is frozen in the 1920s with original decoration, food and furniture untouched for 90 YEARS

Tags: architecture, vintage

Moscow’s Protected Landscapes

My home town, Moscow, has earned its reputation for abandoned industrial zones, flashy business districts and traffic jams. Visitors are often surprised to discover that it is also a green city.

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The Writer Automaton, Switzerland

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BREAKING: Germany Sets Solar Power Record (Again) — 23.9 GW

Too bad it was on a Sunday when all the factories were closed. Again.

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Is There Such A Thing As An American Novel?

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Cory Doctorow: Teaching Computers Shows Us How Little We Understand About Ourselves

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