Items for May 2013

New York City Plans to Fix Its Crumbling Harbors Using 3D-Printed Concrete

Tags: cities, architecture, tech

Penury, swindlers and the American way: the capitalist legacy of superheroes

As a pay dispute threatens the superhero stranglehold on box office takings, it’s a timely reminder that these capitalist heroes have long trampled upon the artists who brought them to life, writes Laura Sneddon.

Tags: comics, movies, business

Zombie climate sceptic theories survive only in newspapers and on TV

Tags: climate, science, media

Open Source Is Old School, Says The GitHub Generation

Tags: programming, law

CSS3 Pong: I****e things to do with CSS #17

Tags: cool, web, games, programming

Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill

Tags: antiquity, architecture, disaster

A look back in time: The GM/Southern Pacific Vert-A-Pac

Remember the Chevrolet Vega and its Pontiac equivalent, the Astre? These cars were shipped long-distance in a rather unusual manner.

Tags: vintage, cars, trains

Climate milestone is a moment of symbolic significance on road of i****y

Tags: climate, science, business, politics

Making the Marakon Ways

My 8 year old son, Griffin, just published a fantasy novel

Tags: youth, books

What if people told European history like they told Native American history?

Tags: america, history

Wine tasting is bullshit. Here's why

Tags: food, science

MPEG1 Video Decoder in JavaScript

Tags: cool, web, programming

The Sharing Economy: A Conversation with Neal Gorenflo

Tags: economics, media

Our Very Normal Solar System Isn't Normal Anymore

Tags: space, science