Web Design & Development

New projects

News Cycle
Turn any RSS newsfeed into a slideshow


The old SPAG Magazine
(as graphic designer)
(as consultant, programmer and webmaster)
No Time To Play
(as editor, webmaster and co-author)
RPG Design Patterns Wiki
(as graphic designer, editor and webmaster)
(as programmer and advisor)
Soft Records -- Music matters!
(as programmer, consultant and webmaster)


Tanabi Comics
A theme for hosting webcomics on WordPress with maximum ease.
Newsprint Template
A minimalist black-and-white WordPress theme with sidebar on the left
Fiction Template
A fluid layout with sidebar on the right
Warm Autumn Template
Borrow my website layout
Wikimagination Template
A free minimalistic/black-and-white template for Dokuwiki

Older stuff

Easy CSS Layouts
An ancient (2007) tutorial. It even had IE6 support!
A tiny, self-contained Javascript calendar

I moved other small toys to my GitHub Gists page.


Opera Web Standards Curriculum
Quality, comprehensive lessons on standard HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Mozilla Developer Center – Web Development
Comprehensive reference of standard browser technologies.
Eloquent Javascript
Excellent, freely usable Javascript manual.

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