Look at all the links!



This would normally go in the site-wide newsfeed, but for once the blog is a better fit. As of last month, I have three new pages on the site, each holding links on a bunch of different themes:

It's not a new effort. I tried doing this sort of thing before right on the blog (here, here and here), on top of the large link sections added to various other pages. But now for the first time I'm making a dent. It feels like progress. So that's pretty great!

Even better, one of the new pages was promptly featured on my favorite web design blog. It's the second time one of my websites ends up there, and recognition for one's work feels good. And yes, you guessed right: my site has been around since 2016 or 2017.

But I have little else to add, so it's better to conclude here, even if it makes for a short blog post. Not much of a comeback. Still better than another angry comeback. For the same reason, I can't promise to resume regular updates. But hey, I'm here.

Hopefully so are my readers. See you around.


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